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Dallas auto show

A car show girl is a female hired to represent an auto manufacturer at an auto show. These models are extremely attractive and can speak intelligently about the make and model of automobile she is representing.

Auto show models serve two purposes;

  1. Engage your customers and increase consumer interest
  2. Educate consumers about features and specs of a given vehicle

Experienced car show models are an ideal solution to represent your brand at an auto event. They will attract customers with their professional presence and confident presentation. A great smile and warm hello are sure to stop visitors long enough for the model to engage them in the latest technology or luxurious comfort your auto has to offer.

Auto show models will study and learn everything you want them to in regards to the make and model they are representing. Think of your staff as an extension of your automobile. She will be able to appeal to the tech geek when she articulates your latest Bluetooth technology, the gear head with her knowledge of horsepower, or the eco-conscience when she discusses mileage. After hearing about your auto and seeing it sparkle under professional lighting, a consumer should be enticed enough to visit a dealer and give it a test drive.


Dallas auto show

They Attract Attention

Car shows are extremely popular. Why are they so popular? The answer is cars and more cars. Sure, dealers want to show off their new offerings but there is much more to an auto event and a model is the perfect way to capitalize on your big affair.

Auto dealers are competing for the same group of visitors. Your car show girl will attract their attention by her physical beauty and professional attire. Attendees and press will notice her, especially with her friendly smile and approachable demeanor.

Dallas auto show

They Engage Customers

Attendees are there for a reason, they love cars. You must engage this targeted audience while you have the chance. Our auto models are an extension of your team and are trained as product demonstrators. Hiring a car model to educate consumers and answer questions in a warm and friendly way is something customers will appreciate.


Dallas auto show

The TSM Agency helps auto manufacturers staff their event with attractive talent. Our car show models can field questions and have an intimate knowledge of the industry, they are not just a pretty face. Our auto show girls can educate consumers on a range of topics from towing capacity to torque rates.

We Will Exceed Your Expectations

We are familiar with the expectations of our auto industry clients and provide educated agents to enthusiastically deliver your message to your audience. Your staff will be well-trained and prepared with knowledge of your products as well as your competitors. They study reviews and research automotive technology.

At the end of training, your staff is able to handle the toughest questions from auto enthusiasts. Event attendees will be wowed by the knowledge and professionalism that these auto show models convey, in both their presentation and interactions.

Expertise That Makes A Difference

Dallas auto show

Our car show girls know how important your event is and take working one seriously. They will study and know your product.

Dallas auto show

Our Car show models have years of sales experience and the confidence you require to educate the press and consumers about your newest automobiles.

Dallas auto show

Our account executives and management team are some of the most experienced in the industry. This means your projects run as smoothly as possible.

Dallas auto show

Any company or person that participates in an auto show or racing event will require a car show girl.

The top 5 reasons you should hire car show girls

  • Education consumers want to learn about your brand
  • Increase interest interact with consumers
  • Experience these models know how to work
  • Personality auto events should be a fun time
  • Additional staff large crowds require more staff

Dallas auto show

Auto shows are a big deal, with more happening every year. They consistently draw huge crowds and are some of the largest consumer events in the world. Car show girls help your auto brand to engage customers and enable a higher volume of customers to learn about your offerings. Auto manufacturers or companies that make products for automobiles, who hire models generate more leads. Agents help customers to leave the event with more positive feelings for your offerings. In a cutthroat market, any competitive advantage you can create will benefit your bottom line. Choosing and hiring trained staff is essential to your event success.

Experienced and capable auto show models are in high demand. Not everyone is cut out for the demanding schedule, long days, the in-depth product knowledge required, or engaging the passionate and sometimes rabid car enthusiasts. Auto show models are some of the better paid promotional models in the industry, and they are worth every penny. They are not all created equal and hiring them through an agency is highly recommended.

Dallas auto show

Hiring car show girls is easy. Just contact an established model staffing agency, like the TSM Agency, who has experienced talent available.

What information do I need to provide to receive a quote?

  • • Auto event name
  • • City where do you need the model to be located or is traveling required
  • • Dates what are all of the date you need your models
  • • Hours what hours will your models be working
  • • Responsibilities what is required of your model
  • • Attire will you be providing or do you have something specific in mind

What we need for the day of the event

  • • Contact provide contact information for someone on-site
  • • Location we need a specific booth or lot
  • • Confirmation review all information you provided

What the agency handles

  • • Finding your models
  • • Travel logistics, if needed
  • • Interviews
  • • Communication
  • • Requirements
  • • Contracts

Having any of this information available when you contact the agency can save time and enable your account executive to provide a quote as quickly and accurately as possible..

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