Jan 13 2020

Enclosed Auto Transport, Nationwide United Auto Transport, enclosed auto transport.

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Enclosed Auto Transport

For over 15 years Nationwide United Auto Transport has served thousands of private car collectors, exotic car dealers and auto industry professionals with a superior way of shipping vehicles enclosed. With hundreds of vehicles shipped enclosed every year, Nationwide United Auto Transport truly is America’s enclosed auto transport marketplace.

With hundreds of poor rated auto transport companies offering covered car transport services, hiring a quality company to ship vehicles enclosed can be a challenge. It begins with unrealistic quotes followed by lousy customer service and ends with your vehicle being damaged. It defeats the purpose of protecting your vehicle and facilitating the whole process when you deal with an unreliable enclosed auto transport company.

Nationwide United Auto Transport is proud to say that we are a reliable auto transport company. With over 15 years of transporting vehicles enclosed we offer you peace of mind and your vehicle safety and security. Our team of reliable carriers specialize in every type of antique, luxury, high end, collector, hot rod and classic car transport. We ve earned every enclosed vehicle shipping, in large part due to the fact that our priority is to deliver autos damage free and in a timely matter throughout the U.S.

What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?

Enclosed car transport is the preferred method to transport classic cars, antique autos and other luxury vehicles. As you might have guessed, autos are shipped in covered trailers that guard against weather and road conditions. Your car is protected against the same elements you encounter while driving, such as rain, sun, dust, debris and others.

But wait! You don t have to own a high-end vehicle to ship cars enclosed. It s true that customers generally elect open car transport to ship their day to day vehicles, but in actuality enclosed auto transport is available for anyone. There s even oversized enclosed for large and modified vehicles. If you love your car as much as we love cars and you re concerned of your vehicle s safe guard while in transit, enclosed car transport is available for you.

Enclosed auto transport

Expedite Hot Shot Enclosed

We offer faster pickup and delivery times with our enclosed two-car trailers. Unlike a 6 car enclosed carrier that demands accommodations for 6 different vehicles, our hot shot enclosed carriers transport your car by itself or with one other car allowing us to have to accommodate for only 1 or 2 cars. You get a dedicated driver that will focus solely on picking up and delivering your auto in less time than it would normally take.

In addition to faster transit times, two-car enclosed carriers are non-stack trailers. Your auto is loaded and shipped without having to stack it below or on top of other cars.

Contact us today for more details on our enclosed auto transport service 1-800-311-8305

Enclosed auto transport

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