Jan 13 2020

Fusion Auto Finance, auto finance companies.

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auto finance companies

Fusion Auto Finance brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each of our financial relationships with partnering credit unions. Our experience spans decades in all aspects of automotive industry operations, analysis, strategic planning, and marketing.

Fusion focuses its business model on providing competitive programs that are financially sound for the company, the credit union and its members. Credit unions can achieve a return on investment balanced with a volume objective to reach an optimal mix of growth and profit.


. with the Best.

Your credit union has always been a smart choice for auto financing; now credit union members can enjoy all the same money-saving membership advantages and more with the CU Xpress Lease, conveniently provided at authorized franchised new auto dealerships.

Fusion Auto Finance and GrooveCar have successfully partnered to market this turn-key leasing program with credit unions that generates a solid return on investment and high member satisfaction. This program conforms to all NCUA regulations for credit union leasing.

. offer Leasing?

Why should your credit union members settle for a partial product offering when an indirect lease program can position you as a full-service lender? Leasing results in more quality loans and a favorable return on investment, as well as growth and loyalty in membership.

Credit union members complete the entire lease process at the dealership. Booking to approval ratios are considerably higher with a competitive lease product and efficiencies inherent in leasing allow the credit union to retain a higher percentage of approved applications.

The Difference.

. is Remarketing.

The foundation of Fusion Auto Finance is built on an extensive auto lease remarketing history and proprietary remarketing processes which distinguishes the CU Xpress Lease program from any other residual based financing available to credit unions in the market today.

Core competencies in residual value analysis and lease-end account management help mitigate the most challenging risks associated with automotive leasing. Fusion manages all residual value risk so credit unions can devote their efforts to credit risk and member service.

Auto finance companies

Auto finance companies

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