Jan 14 2020

Auto alternatives for the 21st century, cars sales.

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cars sales

Cars sales

This Year Chevy Bolt EV Sales Are Running in the Tesla League

Cars sales

Continental CrossContact LX20 Tire Review

Cars sales

Toyota Prius Prime Will Likely Be The First Plug-in Hybrid To Outsell Chevy Volt

Cars sales

Model 3 ‘Bottleneck’ Blamed on Chaos and Incompetence At Tesla Gigafactory

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Cars sales

Carmakers, Market Fleets

Nissan Reports 14,000 Leaf Sales For Its First Month

Unveiled in September, and on sale from Oct. 1 in Japan, Nissan yesterday reported 14,000 sales counted after the 2018 Leaf s first month of sales to Japan and Europe. This news beats prior reports of an also-impressive 9,000 orders to the two markets, and Nissan shed light on a holdback that prevented delivery and registration [ ]

Cars sales

Hybrid Market Dashboard

October 2017 Dashboard

The monthly sales Dashboard is a collaboration of and Baum Associates, a Michigan-based market research firm focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electric vehicle market. Overall sales for October were strong for the second straight month, as fleet sales and replacement demand from Harvey and Irma led to a strong [ ]

Cars sales

Politics, Incentives Laws

London to Tax Polluting Vehicles with New Charge

Older vehicles driving central London now need to meet minimum Euro emission standards lest they face a daily penalty. Starting last Monday, drivers who venture into the center of London with a vehicle that does not meet emission standards set by the EU will find their wallet lightened by £10.00, or about $13.20. This daily [ ]

Hybrid Car News

Cars sales

Tachyon Speed EV Has 1200 HP and Over 150 Miles Range Video

American company Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research (RAESR) has unveiled its first-ever car – the wild-looking Tachyon Speed. The Tachyon Speed is an EV hypercar with a tandem seating position that makes 1,250 horsepower. That dizzyingly high output comes via six direct drive electric motors, which together are also making an absurd 3,650 lb-ft [ ]

Cars sales

Tesla Stacking its Manufacturing Chips with Acquisition of Perbix, an Automated Equipment Manufacturer

In a bid to accelerate its manufacturing processes to meet well-reported client demand, Tesla has acquired Minnesota-based Perbix Machine Co Inc., a former partner, and manufacturer of automation systems. Perbix is long-known to Tesla, serving as one of its machine suppliers for the past three years. One key responsibility has focused on the automation of [ ]

Cars sales

Plug-In Tiguan Not US Bound, but VW has Other Tricks On Way

Volkswagen is planning to sell a plug-in hybrid version of the Tiguan, but it won t be coming to America. With Volkswagen s move from diesel to electric underway, the company has said it will add five battery electric vehicles and 48-volt hybrids, but it isn t planning to sell any plug-in hybrid cars or SUVs in North [ ]

Cars sales

European Commission’s Quest to Overtake China with New Clean Mobility Rules

The European Union has launched its most aggressive effort yet to promote low-emission car production with a series of tougher rules and regulations rolled out this week. The European Commission s latest proposal calls for new targets in c02 emissions by new passenger vehicles, calling for them to emit 15 percent fewer emissions by 2015 and [ ]

Cars sales

Electric School Bus Offerings Vie to be Teacher s Pet

Daimler s Thomas Built Buses has just revealed their first electric bus, and it arrives as more districts are making the jump to electric transport. The Saf-T-liner C2 Electric Bus official name is a bit of a mouthful. So Thomas gave it a more kid-friendly name. Jouley, named for the unit of energy the joule. The [ ]

Cars sales

Puerto Rico Part II: National Grid and Tesla Team Up to Solve Nantucket Island s Energy Woes

National Grid, Massachusett s electricity, and natural gas supplier, has announced a partnership with Tesla to install a battery energy storage system on Nantucket Island to power its 10,000 residents. With its existing diesel generators nearest its end, National Grid proposed a new 6-MW,48-MWh battery energy storage system, provided by Tesla, requiring 200 Tesla Powerpacks to [ ]

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