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national auto rental

National auto rental

Clearway has a variety of large passenger vehicles from 7 passenger Minivans to 9 passenger SUV’s, to 15 Passenger Tall Roof Ford Transits to 25 Passenger Bus’s. Whether you’re moving friends, family, employees or students, we have the right size of vehicle for you. Our vehicles can go anywhere within Canada, United States or even Mexico.

Wide Selection of great quality used vehicles.

National auto rental

Each of our pre-ownedВ cars in Abbotsford undergo thorough inspection by our highly trained and qualified technicians in order to ensure that you are investing in a great quality used vehicle.

Call today!В Sales: (888) 994-5074

Car Truck Rentals

National auto rental

Clearway Car Truck Rentals is a long standing business in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Clearway Rentals rents everything from Compact Cars to Buses to XL 5 Ton moving trucks. Clearway Rentals specializes in all vehicle rental needs for Insurance Replacements, Catering Companies, Nursery Agriculture, Movie Film Production, Residential Movers, Cabinet Makers, Renovators, Construction, School Transportation, Church Organizations, Special Events, Aviation Industry, Professional Movers and Much, Much, More…

About Clearway

Car and Truck Rentals and Sales in the Fraser Valley

National auto rental

Whether you are looking for Truck Rentals, Car Rentals, Bus Rentals, Car Truck Sales, Auto Detailing or Repairs in Abbotsford, Mission, Surrey, Langley, Chilliwack or anywhere else in the Fraser Valley, Clearway has what you need.

Clearway started over 50 years ago as a gas station and automobile repair shop and eventually evolved to offer automobile rentals, repairs, sales, and detailing. With deep roots in the vehicle rental business, our goal is to be “Your Fraser Valley Rental Source”.

25 Person Buses

A few years ago Clearway Rentals stepped out of its comfort zone from renting cars and trucks and ventured into the Bus Rental industry. We have since grown our fleet and our awareness as more than just specializing in Cars Trucks. We have invested in newer late model 25 Person Buses with amazing cargo space. Customers have enjoyed the use of our buses for special events, church trips, mission’s trips, weddings, corporate gatherings, schools and even large family California trips.

Clearway Detailing

Clearway Rentals is much more than a rental company, auto sales lot and automotive repair business, we are also your vehicle detailing specialists. Clearway has specialized in auto detailing for a number of years and has served many customers needing a new-like looking vehicle. Whether you are looking for that special gift to give a loved one or needing to sell your car and want to get a better dollar for your vehicle, Clearway Detailing is the place to make that happen.

Clearway Boxes Moving Supplies

You can never have enough moving boxes and supplies when preparing yourself for the big move. Clearway boxes are built tough and with your moving needs in mind.  Clearway Rentals carries a variety of moving supplies and offers great Moving Supply Package deals. Clearway offers everything from Mattress Covers, Strong Box Tape, Sturdy Moving Boxes, Large Wardrobe Boxes, Thick Picture Frame Boxes, Styrofoam, Packing Paper, etc… Please click here to view our Moving Supplies Price List.

Clearway Auto Sales

National auto rental

Clearway Auto Sales is a no nonsense auto sales division of the Clearway group of companies. Come to Clearway Auto Sales in Abbotsford, BC and experience what it would be like to have a non-commission based sales agent help you get into your next reliable vehicle. We carry a wide variety of vehicles from compact , mid-size or full-size cars, to Minivans, SUV’s, Pick-up trucks or even small to large box moving trucks for sale. The price you see is the price you get plus tax. Come to Clearway Auto Sales and experience the service you deserve.

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