Feb 10 2020

Vroom: Buy, Sell or Trade-In Used Vehicles Online, pre owned cars.

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Find car. Add to cart. Free delivery.

Pre owned cars

We’ll deliver your car anywhere you want in the lower 48 states.

Save 8% on Average

We sell direct, so our cars are priced well below the market average.

Free 7-Day Returns

Pre owned cars

If you re not satisfied, we ll refund 100% of your money and even pick up the car.

Ford Flex Wagon

They handle everything for you – financing, paperwork, even DMV items.

Jenerick T. San Francisco, CA

Data for Smart Drivers

Average Savings on Vroom Right Now

Vroom Values

Haggling Was Mandatory

At the dealership, you had to negotiate to get a fair price. This added time and stress to the buying process.

Cars Priced as Low as Possible

We’ve eliminated the middleman and made the entire car buying process more efficient, which allows us to pass the savings onto our customers.

A great place to buy a vehicle at an affordable price. The people are very friendly and strive to make sure that each customer gets the best bang for their buck!

Ja-Quay L. Amarillo, TX

Issues Under The Hood

You bought the perfect car, only to have it break down the same week you took it off the lot. The seller was of little help and you were stuck with a fixer-upper.

Multiple Inspections

Every car we sell has a clean title and an accident-free AutoCheck® vehicle history report. Cars are inspected for safety, mechanical, and cosmetic issues.

Excellent experience, very friendly staff, and all vehicles are in immaculate condition. I will never purchase a used vehicle anywhere else again. Thanks!

Antonio I. Waco, TX

Returning a car? Not gonna happen.

Decide if you like the car during a 20-minute test drive with a salesperson. Once you drive off the lot, there’s no going back.

Free Returns for 7-Days

Spend a week (or 250 miles) getting to know your Vroom. Take a trip, park it in your garage, drive it to work. If it’s not right, we’ll take it back.

The process was easy! The 7-day test drive gives you confidence in buying a car sight unseen, and the 3-month/6K warranty gives you complete peace of mind.

Joe A. Elmhurst, IL

You Accepted Poor Financing

Maybe you got the car price you wanted, but got crushed on your loan. There’s no reason your dealer should profit from a high interest rate.

Get a Competitive Rate

Vroom works with more than 30 financing partners, so you can get a great rate. Rates start at just 2.9%.

Everyone one was friendly and worked to help me get the best rate to get my monthly payment down where I needed it to be. Process was smooth and fast!

Diego H. Grand Prairie, TX

Only New Cars Came Protected

Every car should be sold with coverage, but your dealer or private seller didn’t/couldn’t offer a warranty. That left you and your car at risk.

Free Warranty for Every Car

Our complimentary basic warranty protects your vehicle for 90 days or 6,000 miles. The majority of our cars are still under their manufacturer’s warranty.

This is the second vehicle I purchased from Vroom. The staff is pleasant and professional. The warranty along with Danny Warren s commitment to customer satisfaction makes me feel confident in my purchases from Vroom.

Cecil W. Lantana, TX

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Who We Are

Over 600 team members are helping Vroom revolutionize the way people buy, sell, and trade in cars. Count on us to make your next car buying experience the best you’ve ever had.

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