Feb 12 2020

Common penny stocks

Common penny stocks-Common penny stocks
Common penny stocks-Learn about Penny Stocks with Free articles on Penny Stocks.Penny Stocks.

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Penny stock Mentality –
. in hind sight, every price that excited me where I held out for more was a wasted selling opportunity. If you are excited, it’s toppy!
Penny Stock
Mentality So what type of investor trawls penny stocks?
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Cashing Out
So You’ve Raked It In
Once you’ve had a big success with a penny stock, you may want think logically about cashing out so that you maximize your advantages and benefits.
For example, taking all the money off of the table and buying a house or a boat or getting some dental work done may not always be the best idea, but that’s what you’re doing it all for anyways, isn’t it.
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Truth About Bull
People that think there are two sides to every argument, two ways to interpret every set of data, haven’t met many stock promoters and haven’t read many corporate press releases. Who can you trust? What sources of information are honest, and which are blatant lies. And of course, the hardest to spot, are those slight exaggerations.
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Falling In Hate
You may have heard that it is a bad idea to ‘fall in love’ with a penny stock you own. However, something more dangerous, and much more common, we call ‘falling in hate.’ We are referring to holding on to those losing positions as they plummet, whether because you feel “It can’t go any lower,” or because you won’t sell until it goes back up to where you bought it at.
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Fools Rush In
Too often investors buy shares in a stock armed with little more than the ticker symbol and a tip from a friend at work. Why not arm yourself with the best possible information, especially when it is all there at your fingertips for free?
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Ready, Set, Greed!
Too often our detrimental emotions get the best of us, and have serious and direct impacts upon our trading strategies. This feature takes a look at how the investors just wanting a little more often wind up getting a lot less. For example, holding a penny stock that makes you lose sleep at night can often cause you to make irrational trading decisions.
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  • Beyond The Brink
    When you finally decide to get involved in penny stocks, to go ‘Beyond The Brink,’ there are some things you need to know.
    In fact, whether you have been burned by penny stocks in the past, or have never even invested, the following theories are designed to give you an instant and significant advantage over all those inexperienced and uninformed traders.
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    Common penny stocks


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