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Murray auto parts

Key Auto Parts
Murray, Kentucky

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This scrap yard situated in the city of Murray (Kentucky), offers car parts to its clients. To inquire on any used parts, estimated junk car value, get cash for junk cars or junk cars for sale, please contact via email and phone. The Key Auto Parts schedule information not available.

What you can find: car parts


USA , Kentucky, Calloway, Murray


1850 State Route 121 South , Murray , KY (Zipcode: 42071 )






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Key Auto Parts Reviews

They went above and beyond to send the part I needed to Paducah, Ky for me so it was closer.They accidentally sent the wrong part but made up for it the next day at no extra cost.I would deal with them again anytime

September 22, 2017

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It’s very usual that the used parts that you buy in a salvage yard or recycling center does not come with a warranty. Nevertheless, that does not mean that there are no dealers that offer a limited warranty for the used parts they sell. From here we advise you to try to locate a second-hand parts supplier that includes at least a 3-month warranty period, to have at least a minimum security that what you are buying is working properly.

An aspect that many overlook is that auto manufacturers often modify the appearance of vehicles, but often reuse parts from one year to another, even reusing the same piece in several models of auto or motorcycle, as the case may be.
Note that the newer the used spares you buy, the less accumulated wear they will have. With this in mind, it is much more intelligent to spend a little more money on used pieces, since they will be more durable and will better withstand the passing of miles.

It is essential to know all the details of the spare you need before acquiring it. A crucial information is the vehicle ID number, also named VIN.
If it’s a small spare, you can take it to the provider when you go to buy the new one. This will help you check both and make sure you do not make a mistake in your purchase.
Be careful with duplicate pieces, as they are not original and specific to your vehicle, so they are not safe at all. In general, duplicate spares are easy to detect, since they have a slightly different appearance and some mistakes, such as typography or logos.

If you buy used spares in a junk yard, you should make sure that they are close quality to an OEM part. Usually, knowing the quality of a used piece for your auto can be difficult if it is the first time you purchase one. Gather all the info you can related to the performance of the piece on sites and forums to know which pieces reviews are best for you. You can also ask at the salvage yard, a known mechanic or a friend.

Murray auto parts

Murray auto parts

Murray auto parts

Key Auto Parts junkyard is located in Murray (Kentucky). It provides car parts to its customers. Find here all CONTACT INFO on this wrecking yard.
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