Apr 10 2019

Siem Car Carriers

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Siem Car Carriers, NEF6.COM

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Siem Car Carriers

Siem Car Carriers | RoRo, Break Bulk, Auto Ocean Transport Services

Siem Car Carriers operates global liner services, specializing in the movement of cars. roll on roll off (RO-RO), high, wide and heavy (OHW), break bulk and project cargo between North America, Europe, and Asia. We pride ourselves in offering professional, reliable, high quality, and personalized shipping services.

With set shipping routes and predictable scheduling. our liner services allows our clients to plan their transport requirements with confidence.

Our fleet is modern and efficient. We work closely with our clients to improve their processes using the very latest EDI technology. We work creatively and flexibly to find the best solutions for our customers’ transportation needs.

Siem Car Carriers is part of the Siem Industries Group a successful global organization with a philosophy of long term growth.

Siem Car Carriers responsive, cost effective, environmentally sound, and safety conscious.

About Us

About Siem Car Carriers

Our Routes

Our global liner services operates in North America, Asia and Europe. Please see our schedules for more details.

Your Cargo, Our Work

The clang of chain against metal, the smell of gasoline mixed with the salt of the sea, we live and breathe port life. Knowledgeable, cost efficient, trustworthy, reliable. Experience our day.

The Siem Network

Proud to be part of a global shipping network

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