Apr 8 2019

We Sell Mats

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We Sell Mats, NEF2.COM

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We Sell Mats

In childcare spaces, group exercise rooms, and the weight room floor, you’ll find our mats in YMCA locations across the country.

Even the Magic Kingdom needs a padded floor from time to time. In the park or in the studio, our mats exceed even Mickey’s expectations.

Appropriate padding is critical for high-intensity interval training. That’s why so many CrossFit instructors equip their gyms with our mats.

Who knew even Supergirl needs a little padding for all those stunts? Our tatami mats keep the Warner Bros’ production running smoothly.

What gives the best golf simulator its fairway-soft feel? Our interlocking foam mats provide the ideal underlayment for realistic feedback.

All customer logos are trademarks of their respective brands and are used for illustrative purposes only. No endorsement implied.

If you’re looking for the cheapest, most effective, and sustainable exercise routine, you’re going to land on body weight routines, just as surely as you’re going to land on one of our folding exercise mats. Watching the exercise trends for the past four years as we have, we can tell you that while fad exercise videos and routines come and go, body weight exercises that have been around forever are likely here to stay, and with good reason. Continue reading

Ok, you’ve heard “taste” the rainbow, but we’re talking martial arts mats here, and they’re now available in twelve colors (obviously more than the rainbow, so we did it even better!), so go ahead and Punch the Rainbow! Kick it, throw it, land on it, train on it, and win on it! Continue reading

If you think ahead (and we think you do), you’ve given thought as to how to make your home appealing to a potential buyer: repairs to minor issues, additions to the house itself, and protecting attractive wood floors with things like EVA foam play mats. Yes, keeping your floors in top shape can help keep your whole house in peak selling condition. Continue reading

Did you know that purchasing some tough, EVA floor mats for your home gym (that maybe you have yet to create) can actually save you from embarrassment? It’s true! How many times have you lamented that you haven’t been to the gym in ___ days? That little confession is always accompanied by a bit of guilt and not a little embarrassment. But you’ve got this: the solution is right in front of you! In an incredibly affordable move, you can begin to build your own home gym, starting with the floor mats that will help ensure a regular routine! Continue reading

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